11 December 2005

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Well the hyde over this movie finally arrive with its premier on 8 December 2005. My family and I managed to catch up with the movies last night. As usual, this movie is much requested by my children but I was also quite eager to watch this movie after viewing all the trailers and also the making of the movie.

The movie was based on the a series of fantasy novels written by CS Lewis for children. The series is by far the most popular of Lewis;s works. The story describe the adventures of a group of children, the Pevensies siblings consisting of 2 brothers (Peter and Edmund) and 2 sisters (Susan and Lucy) who visit a magical land called Narnia.

The storyline was good where it teaches how siblings should worked and respect each other. I hope that the story would be able to educate my own children on the importance of stick together and respecting each other whether they are the elder or younger siblings.

Much of the movies depended on computer graphics and effect. Just before I went for the movies, I managed to watch the making of the movie at TV3. The lion, Aslan is not a real lion but a totally computer generated image acted together with human.

Overall, the movie is good and worth my money (the show was more than 2 hours long). My advise, go watch it.

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