26 December 2005

The New Honda Civic is already launched in Bangkok

I have been writing on the new Civic twice in September and November.
Today I received and e-mail on some images of the new Civic and decided to forward to some of my friend. To my surprise, SooHK replied that he has already sat in the new Civic in Bangkok. The 1.8L version cost about RM78K for a manual and RM83K for an Auto(894K Baht and 934K Baht) while the 2.0L version cost over 100K. I replied to him that it was not fair that Bangkok gets the new Civic so early and Malaysia will only get it probably by year end 2006. But what to do, Honda made so much investment (well not only Honda) in Thailand, they sure gets it first. I still think it a good looking car that's why I wrote about it so mcuh and now I want to put more photos of it here.

For those interested, you may visit the Honda Civic Thailand site to have a better feel of the car.
To add on, the tuning specialist for Honda, Mugen, already has the Civic Dominator, a super version of the Civic which will be featured in January 2006 at the Tokyo Motor Show.

To Thiagarajan R, start your booking and replace the old Peugeot of yours!!!


SooHK said...

The exterior is not as impressive as the pictures. But the interior is very nice....although a bit plasticky..I was telling my wife if I know this we would have bought it instead of vios....as the interior is big and high tech..

Chan Kok Kuen said...

I contacted my Honda sales exec who sold me the Accord, she mentioned that the Civic will be KL by March 2006. The 2.9L model will cost about RM120K, that's a good bargin for those who cannot afford an Accord.
My friend Thiagarajan, who is driving a 12 years old Peugeot is keen in geeting a Civic after I told him the price of the Civic.