10 December 2005

Food Poisoning

Yesterday (Friday 9 December) I was not feeling well. Actually, the day after coming back from my trip from Taiping, I had some stomach problem. Purging and going to the toilet much often than usual. It did not bother me much because I thought it was a slight disturbance to my digestive system.

The real problem came on Thursday night when my hands and feet were feeling cold and I was sweating and was tossing around on my bed while sleep. On Friday I felt very tired and had no appetite, fell asleep at every place I rested. By afternoon, I took my temperature measurement, wow... 39.3 Celsius.. high fever.

Next thing, quickly rushed myself to the clinic and the doctor said that I have food poisoning. He gave me some medicine and I felt much better in the evening.

Where did I get the food poisoning? Well I would suspect from the food I took during my trip to Taiping either from Kampar or Taiping (I have to a bit careful on pin-pointing the right location, because I have a alot of readers from Taiping) because these are the two places that I stopped for food. As for dinner, I had it with my daughter where she was OK.


Lye Hock said...

Ha! Must be the food from Kampar...definitely!

Chan Kok Kuen said...

I know that if I only mention that's it from Taiping I will surely make many people will not like me. You will be first one!