23 November 2006

Great news!!

I was happy to to receive the good news that my current management has approved for me to leave the company early. Very much earlier than I expected!!!

I have requested to be released from my current employment with effect 1 January 2007 (last working day on 31 December 2006). To be released early, my request have to me tabled at the Human Resource Committee. The meeting was held yesterday. This morning a staff of the Human Resource Division called my immediate superior to inform him of the result of my request.

My superior called me to inform me that the management has agreed to allow me two choices which are:
1. Last working day on 1 December 2006; or
2. Last working day three (3) months from the date of my resignation letter (16 November 2006)

The results were not what I expected, it was very much better than I expected!

I definitely opt to be released by 1 December 2006. I called up my contact at the new company to seek approval to start work there on 4 December 2006. About an hour later, I was informed that I can start work at my new company on 4 December 2006 but my work cubicle is still not ready since they have expected me to arrive later. I said I do not mind working without a work cubicle. Throw me anywhere where I can be hooked up to a PC or a notebook, I can be working.

So no holidays for me in December. My children will have to bear without any holiday outings but they are not bored at home since they can watch TV or surf the net or play the Playstation. That's the price they have to pay for my movement to a new company. Furthermore, I know that they do not mind since they already have had a trip to China in May this year.

My lunch appointments from today till my last day (30 November) has been fully booked. All my colleague are calling me for a final lunch threat before I leave the company. I was greatly touched by their gesture (There goes my plan to cut down my cholesterol level).

Most of all I am happy that I have received great support from my colleagues from the Human Resource Division (especially the General Manager) who have help me to obtain the approval for my early release from the company.

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