16 November 2006


After much consideration, discussion and waiting, I finally submitted my letter of resignation today. It was like taking off a big sack on my back.

It was not an easy decision to make, after all I have been with the organisation for the past 25 years. Just imagine getting divorced after 25 years of marriage. I am leaving my benefits, my bonus and most of all my friends (not to mention enemies if there are any).

It all started on 31st October when I went for an interview with an organisation (which I do not want to mention at the moment). I was interviewed by 4 persons, 2 guys and 2 gal. The interview lasted about 45 minutes. On 6th November, I was offered the post. The salary offered was hard to resist even though I would to forgo some of my current benefits. I was asked whether I would want to accept the offer but I could not make the decision before consulting my wife and children. At the same time, I would have to find a way to take care of my current liabilities which is my house and car.

I called my wife over the phone (since I got to attend a function and was not able to reach home early) to tell her about the offer and seek her opinion on the offer. She said that since the offer would make me happier she was agreeable for me to take up the offer.

The next morning I called them to accept the job offer. They told me to come over to their HR to sign the job contract.

I went over to the HR department on 9th November. I met up with the Assistant Manager of the HR where I went through the offer contract. The content was a routine one and without hesitation I signed the contract. I was then given a starter kit which spell out all the requirements procedures and documents that are required on the first of work. I was also told to attend a pre-employment medical check-up.

The next day I was at the clinic where the usual urine, blood and x-ray tests were conducted. I could not hand my letter of resignation pending the outcome of the medical results. So I waited and waited until today where the medical results were out which indicated that I am medically employable.

I am required to give a three month notice for my resignation but the new organisation said that I can join them earlier if I can get the opportunity. With the letter of resignation, I also requested my current organisation to release me earlier from my current employment. I requested them to release me by 31 December 2006 so I can start my work at the new organisation on a new spanning year of 2007 (new year for a new job assignment).

So, my request for early release will be table to the HR Committee next week before they can give me an answer.

So, folks just wait out for some more good news.


SooHK said...

Wah Low eeh!..Congrats. Its difficult, the longer u stay in an organization the more difficult it is. I have stayed in mine for 13 years, its really difficult. You stayed in yours for 25 years. I guess your new company most likely is still in the financial sector, and company that is hiring heavily and willing to pay high enough for you to leave without waiting for your bonus, is not many around. hahaha, maybe I could see you in my company next year but most likely not. So Tik Tok, Tik Tok, Ah..ummm..guess maybe it could be the same company that most of my company staff is leaving too, as they are on a tight schedule to roll out a system regionally or worldwide. Congrats again...

Lye Hock said...

Good luck & keep in touch. I'm happy for you!

Chan Kok Kuen said...

To Soo,

You are right, the new company is also in the financial line. The offer they made was good that I can forgo my bonus for the current year which is still not certain whether there will be a bonus payment or not.
Maybe I will see some of your company's staff in my new company but do not think that both of us will be working together.

To Lye Hock

Thanks for your support and wishes.

Well, many people who came to know about my resignation were happy for me. I am glad that I got the support from so many of them whom I have known for a long time. Even though its hard to leaft them but live still have to go on.

Now, my lunch schedule is getting very long. Everyone wants a lunch slot with me. At least I can save some lunch money to compensate for the loss of my year end bonus!!!

Anonymous said...

Reading what you were about to do : LEAVING THE COMPANY & JOINING A NEW ONE, I know it ain't easy.

But, you have just opened up my eyes : if better opportunity is what we want, some sacrifices have
to be made & there should be no turning back thereafter.

I bet you were highly-ranked in the financial institution having served for more than 25 years !