30 November 2006

Last day

Today is my last day in my present organisation. I started the day by sending out my farewell e-mail which was addressed to 280 recipients consisting of colleagues and friends from Head Office and branches all over Malaysia which read as follows:
Dear colleagues and friends

I wish to announce that today is my last day with Public Bank.

Although it saddens me to leave such a successful and first-rate company
that has treated me exceptionally well for the past 25 years and 9
months, I have made the decision to further my career with another

I would like to sincerely thank you for your support and friendship all
this while and will look back on my years with the Bank with great

Lastly, I would like to wish all of you best of luck and may you all
stay in good health always.

You would be able to contact me via:

1. e-mail at kokkuen@gmail.com
2. handphone: 012-XXXXXXX
3. or visit my Weblog at http://www.kokkuen.blogspot.com

Good bye.

Signing off,

Chan Kok Kuen

A few moments later, calls came in through my hand phone and my desk phone from some of the recipients of the e-mail. Many were shocked of my announcement since they would have not thought that I would tender my resignation. There were also reply mails of good luck wishes.

I felt sad to leave my colleagues and friends because they have been with me for such a long time and have been my close allies and supporters. On the other hand, I have but no choice to go.

At 5.50 p.m. , I started my last journey down the lift of the building and drove off with mixed feelings of sadness and happiness.

Well I am glad that I have overcome this last day with grace and now looking forward to my new job assignment at my new organisation. Tomorrow is a free day for me to roam around to get some chores done before my reporting to the new organisation next Monday.


Selba said...

Just wondering... did you work for silverlake before?

Chan Kok Kuen said...


No, I have not worked with Silverlake before. I got your link from Soo Hon Keong's blog. He's with Silverlake. The I managed to meet up with some other people who have worked with Silverlake and they are now with me in my new organisation. They have mentioned that you have some dealing with Silverlake.

If you have read through my blog, I was attached to a local Malaysian Bank, Public Bank for the past 25 years.

I left the bank to be with this organisation. Too bad I do not have your personal e-mail or else I would have let you know my the name of my new organisation. You can let me know your personal e-mail by sending it to kokkuen@gmail.com.