05 November 2006

One night at Putrajaya

I saw a few night scenes of Putrajaya posted on the net. Since I got my new tripod, I decided to make a night trip there for a photo shoot. With the new tripod I can set the exposure time higher with the risk of the photos being shaken.
All shoots were in RAW and reprocessed again to JPEG. I like the result of using RAW since it provide more flexibility to change the settings. The only draw back is that I require a bigger capacity CF (1 GB Cf can only give me 179 shoots) and the time needed to process the RAW files to JPEG.
I started my journey yesterday at 8.30 p.m. and reached home at 11.30 p.m.
Here are some of the nice shoots I got yesterday.

The bridge looks beautiful with coloured spot light shooting from the base.

The red steaks were due to a bus passing through. It looks some kind of light effect.

The park which was located in front of the Ministry of Finance.

The new Palace of Justice where there many court rooms to clear the backlog of court cases in the country.

A very beautiful building which I do not know what is called located just in front of the Palace of Justice.

Another bridge spanning across the lakes in Putrajaya.

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