11 November 2006

KL Fashion Week - What a let down!!

I was all geared up to shoot models on the runway for the launch of the KL Fashion Week which starts today at Berjaya Times Square (BTS). It has been much published in The Star on the launch and the schedules of events were circularised in many photography sites.

I got my camera and flash batteries all charged up since shooting models required much flash shoots. I also got my tripod ready to be used a monopod to enable me to get clear and steady shoots. My notebook was all packed in my haversacks where I can use it to download the shoots that taken just in case my CFs run out of storage. I also intended to shoot in RAW format.

I arrived by 6th Floor of BTS where I already saw a few guys with camera bag. I proceeded to the exhibition hall where I was told that I need to register myself. With the ID tag given to me I proceeded to the exhibition area. Let down No: 1 - Many booths were empty. Booths that were occupied were merely featuring some dump looking cloths dressed in mannequins. There was no runway where the fashion show was suppose to be held.

I only found out that the runway was located next the exhibition area. I went in and found that last minute preparation the fashion runway was still underway. There were still people cleaning up the top and side of the runway. There was a mini stage at the end of the runway where I saw a few photographers there with the long zoom lens sitting and chatting. I took my humble camera out (my camera looks like an amateur compared to theirs) and started to making final adjustments to prep myself for the photo shoot. Suddenly, there was a guy who said that I cannot be at the stage because I do not have "Photographer" tag. I was just having a visitor tag. OK, I asked some of the "professional camera man" how they obtain their tags. They said that they have got it a few days ago. Fine, I will try whether I can get it from the organiser. I found out that stock of "Photographer" tags were out of stock!!

Let down No 2 - When I return to the runway area, I was stopped by the security at the entrance because those with "Visitor" tag are not allowed inside the runway hall. What the f**k is this!! I was not the only victim, there were many of us with camera bags and visitor tag were not allowed into the hall. Only people with authorised tags or with tickets were allowed into the hall. I was very disappointed with such an arrangement.

The only photo I managed to take was the Aston Martin DB9 which was parked at the entrance of BTS to promote the new James Bond movie.

To the promoters of KL Fashion Week, what a let down and discrimination towards hobby photographers like us. I give you my "middle finger" to express by disappointment!!

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SooHK said...

cool down, cool down man..the organizer really KNS....actually I was waiting for your photo