01 November 2006

Visitors to my blog

I have installed a Statcounter to my blog to monitor the number of visitors to my blog. since a year pass, the counter has shown that there were a total of 7,800 page loads at my blog. This means that I have roughly the same number of visitors to my blog since it was "opened" for business. Discounting the page loads that were done by me through viewing my blog when I publish a posting, the number of page load should be slightly more than 6,000 over the year. Here's a graph on the daily number of visits to my blog for the past one week. (Click on the image to enlarge it:)Apart from telling me the number of visitors to my blog, I get to know other statistics like:
  • which countries were my readers from. (I have visitors mostly from Malaysia, USA, UK and Australia)
  • popular pages of my blog

do want to mention all this? It's because I was told to keep on putting up my posting because it has become their routine to visit my blog everyday and they felt not happy when they do not see new things in my blog.

So I am being pressured to keep up writing and posting my rubbish to my blog because these people love to read my rubbish.

Okay, thanks for the support, I will try to dump as much rubbish as often as I can to win you all over.

Thanks for the support.

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